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Unboxed is a cutting-edge ArtTech firm specializing in strategic creative solutions for businesses. We offer a results-oriented approach for emerging artists, providing them with a pathway to social and economic growth through our innovative marketplace.

Unique Value Proposition

At Unboxed Africa, our digital platform empowers emerging visual artists, designers, and creatives. By utilizing and analyzing data collected across all our digital platforms, we contribute to the creation of a more affordable and accessible market.

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Cultivating Innovation in African Creative Expression

Unboxed is dedicated to fostering an ecosystem where emerging artists can evolve into high-growth creatives. We firmly believe that an online art market plays a pivotal role in educating a new generation of art enthusiasts, encouraging a deeper appreciation for creativity.

Competitive Advantage

Unboxed Africa stands out in the African art industry with a powerful competitive edge. We offer the lowest commission rates in Africa, ensuring artists retain more earnings. Transforming any space into a potential market, we proactively take artworks to buyers, expanding artists' reach. What sets us apart is not just facilitating transactions but investing in artists' success through comprehensive marketing strategies. Our commitment to accessibility, profitability, and visibility positions Unboxed Africa as a leader in empowering artists across the continent.

Customer segments

Unboxed Africa caters to a diverse array of customer segments, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for artistic collaboration and appreciation. On one front, our primary focus is on individual visual artists—innovators, painters, designers, and sculptors. Through our B2C model, we empower these creatives by providing a dedicated platform for showcasing and selling their artworks.

Our Services

At Unboxed Africa, we offer a range of services to support and empower artists, ensuring their work reaches a broader audience. Our key features include:

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Join us on a journey to discover the rich tapestry of African creativity. Embrace art that tells stories, sparks conversations, and connects communities.